From Feb 2008 Asmic India started business with a few  medicines under its own brand names, manufactured from fully WHO-GMP certified unit. In financial year 2010-11 Asmic started to provide 3rd party manufacturing facility for other valuable customers,  in their own brand name. In financial year 2012-13 Asmic started to provide  other services for 3rd parties for the support of sales promotion.

Now Asmic provide almost every types of services for the clients. In a roof of Asmic, clients are getting all types of product manufacturing and marketing support.  As Asmic provides various types of pharmaceutical, herbal, neutraceuticals and cosmetics products as well as sales promotion activities like, field force training, C&f or Distributor appointment, Field Force appointment, Brand registration, web designing and development, digital marketing, printing solutions, promotional gifts, MR Bags, Visual Aid, P.S. catch cover, reminder card, litratures etc.

We Over the last few years, the growth in sales relating to this activity has been two to three times faster than that of the market.