Welcome to the ASMIC Career page. In this section you will learn more about the ASMIC work culture, environment, and the key features of our strong Employee Value Proposition.

ASMIC is strong on a culture of discipline. An absolute determination to become one of the world’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies.  We offer a very professional and open work culture to ensure the mutual growth of company and employee as well.

ASMIC believes that open and effective communication is essential to get things done.  We believe that the success of the entire ASMIC and its staff is dependent on everyone in the organization acting faster, thinking smarter, trying harder and working more efficiently.

ASMIC provides training to help its employees to perform to the best of their ability. It prides itself on providing excellent opportunities for those who wish to expand and develop their careers.

At ASMIC you are always learning and growing. We offer an environment that is fulfilling, both professionally and personally. You not only get an opportunity to work on diverse platforms but you are also exposed to international markets.